Barrier packaging

Corrugated solutions with functional coatings protect and contain goods that are moist, greasy or oily and also surface or heat sensitive. From durables to food packaging and industrial applications, barrier packaging opens opportunities.


Expanding the limits – think paper based

What makes a paper cup work to handle hot coffee?
How long does a paper origami boat swim in the bath tub?

The intriguing properties of paper and its possible uses can go beyond imagination when using enhanced protection technologies.

Today’s industrial paper grades can manage much more than wet and moisture. A shield formed by an extrusion coated barrier increases the corrugated case material´s resistance tosubstances, either from the packed good or the outside environment.

Coatings may also serve to contain fibres within the paper’s surface – for example for frozen food applications or in the glass industry when producing for medical or hygiene industries. Even for hot and viscous products corrugated barrier packaging is used. Coating also improves the puncture resistance of the corrugated board and we have developed a solution avoiding mineral oil migration.


We love to ask the question “What would you like to solve – in paper?”

In close cooperation with the barrier experts at our extrusion coatings sites, we develop new applications for corrugated packaging allowing customers to benefit from increased process efficiency, reduction of product damage, improved logistics or reduction of use of plastics, foams or other products based on non-renewable materials.

Example 1

For a customer in the animal feed industry, we introduced a barrier coated corrugated drum to be used for hot lick mass which hardens in the packaging when cooling down. The excellent release property of the coated barrier made for easy separation of the lick block from the drum. This solution allowed the customer to completely move away from plastic buckets. Savings in packaging costs, reduced storage and more products on the pallet along with easy disposal at the farms and full recyclability of the product make this a great example of the power of paper.

Example 2

Barrier release properties are also valued for frozen food applications – through instant deep freezing and packaging into corrugated boxes at the port, sea food is made ready for transport to processing stations or markets.

Example 3

For the transport of automotive engines, barrier coatings are applied inside the box to prevent oil released by the engine during transport from spoiling the packaging.


Anything we can do for you? We are open to discuss ideas

In-house we have available a wide range of functional barrier coatings applied to corrugated case material. We are experts in producing and converting corrugated board using coated materials – even double sided.


  • Freezer-friendly
  • Non-abrasive
  • Water repellent
  • Grease proof
  • Moisture vapour tight


  • Moisture resistant
  • Good printability


  • Anti-scratch


  • Mineral oil barrier
  • Grease proof


  • Anti-static




  • Reduction of non-renewable packaging material
  • Fully customisable solutions
  • Advantages for processes, logistics, reduction of product damage or spoilage