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Polyurethane is used as thermal insulation layer of refrigerator and freezer for many years.

As a high performance insulation material, PU is  renowned for itslight weight, high compressive

strength and mature industrialproduction technology.When foam technology continues to improve,

theinsulation layer is continuously reduced, which provides refrigeratoran even bigger inner space.

With a greener blowing agent, theproduct itself also becomes more environment friendly.


It saves water heater size, excellent in electrical insulation, heat resistance, cold resistance and solvent resistance.

Pouring method mainly.

The foam has excellent performance in flowability and adhesion.


GB standard

GB/T 26709-2011  Rigid polyurethane foam for solar water heaters

Typical Performance

Item Unit Performance index
Water System Other blowing agent
Thermal conductivity 7days  ≤ W/(m·K) 0.026 0.023
28days W/(m·K) 0.030 0.028
Compressive strength or deformation 10% compressive stress  kPs 150 130
Dximensional stability (100±3)℃,48h % 1.5
—(30±3)℃,24h % 1.0
Apparent core density kg/m³ 32~45 30~40
Closed cell rate (volume fraction) % 90
Water absorption (volume fraction) % 5.0
Water vapor transmission coefficient(38℃/Rh 0~88%)  ng/(Pa·m·s) Agreed by both parties
*GB/T 26709-2011  Rigid polyurethane foam for solar water heaters