Plant Engineering


In addition to numerous individual machines, we also offer our customers comprehensive, intelligent, plant engineering solutions in the foam production and processing field. We deliver turnkey storage and transport systems that cover your entire range of needs – no matter which industry you are in. Whether furniture, mattresses, medical technology applications or foam production in the packaging industry – our team of project engineers will design your custom cutting line or a complete foam production plant, consisting of Bäumer machines adapted to your needs.

Complete solutions for foam production cutting, processing, storage & transport

The constantly increasing demands in the foam processing industry and processing of similar materials present constant challenges to maintain plant flexibility, automation and production speed. Through development of constantly new cutting technology and automation methods using software solutions, we meet the high demands of precision foam production.

In addition to the cutting machines, a complete plant includes various systems for material block transport (block lift systems) that we build in optional manual radio controlled or fully automatic versions. Shuttle systems or scissor lift tables carry out the transfer of sheet stacks between different cutting machines. In addition to block wagons and block printing devices, we also offer tailor-made rack systems for efficient storage of (long) blocks upon completion of foam production or cutting to length.

Bäumer fully automated systems for every area of application

In the Plant Engineering category you will find a selection of the machines we offer and the foam processing system components that we use to design cutting and foam operations. See our wide product range and the high quality of our systems for yourself.