Refrigerator and Freezer

Enjoy the cold drink!

Larger cooling space to store different food.

Energy efficient, save energy and save electricity.


Polyurethane is used as thermal insulation layer of refrigerator and freezer for many years. As a high performance insulation material, PU is renowned for its light weight, high compressive strength and mature industrial production technology. When foam technology continues to improve, the insulation layer is continuously reduced, which provides refrigerator an even bigger inner space. With a greener blowing agent, the product itself also becomes more environment friendly.
Pouring process mainly.
Matural industrial production technology


GB Standard
GB/T 26689-2011 Rigid polyurethane cellular plastics used in refrigerators and freezers
Typical Performance
Physical and mechanical properties of (I: Cyclopentane foaming agent; II: Other foaming agent)
Item Unit Performance Index 
Thermal conductivity  ≤ W/(m·K) 0.0210 0.0195
Compressive strength or deformation 10% compressive stress kPa 130 110
Low temperature dimensional stability  @-30℃,24h % 1.10
The dimensional stability of heat of 70℃, Rh of 95%±5%,24h % 1.15
Apparent core density kg/m³ 38 35
Closed-cell rate  % 90
Water absorption % 4 — 

 * GB/T 26689-2011 Rigid polyurethane cellular plastics used in refrigerators and freezers