Invertor of Maxfoam

Laader Berg®


Laader Berg®, is the inventor of Maxfoam™, the worlds leading and most used foaming system. 

With over 50 years experience and expertise in the foaming industry, at Laader Berg®, we are devoted to meeting our customers demands for the highest quality foams and innovative solutions based upon the Maxfoam™ Process.

The family owned company, Laader Berg AS is the specialist manufacturer of continuous Slabstock polyurethane foam production machines.

With design and delivery of over 400 continuous foam production plants worldwide, Laader Berg® has a unique and unequalled insight, expertise and knowledge of the polyurethane and foam production industries.

From assessment to installation, operation to optimization, Laader Berg® is not only able to provide you with a complete and tailored solution that is customized to your own specific needs and requirements. But more importantly, provide the specialist knowledge and experience that only the inventor of Maxfoam™ can have.

Our focus is on flexibility, consistency, ease of use, and efficiency. Every Laader Berg® Maxfoam™ Machine and solution is designed for longevity and minimal maintenance. Ensuring that you do not simply produce foam, but create the highest quality foam to the World Class Standard that provides the greatest benefits, cost efficiency and possibilities for you, your customers and market.

Established in 1960, and with our headquarters in Ålesund, on the north-western coast of Norway. Machine design, manufacture and assembly is driven by the highest standards and deep rooted Scandinavian traditions of strength, stability and quality.

Laader Berg® are in the forefront of Slabstock foam technology through innovation, support, and our continual embrace of the latest chemical technologies to develop state of the art and custom tailored solutions for our customers.