Blanket Order


We would like to offer you our annual blanket order option which will provide great benefits for your company.

By placing a blanket order, the band knives will be supplied according to your individual demand. The requested quantitiy to be released is available for shipping at any time. Delivery times specified upon blanket order placement can be adjusted if necessary. Just call and we will even deliver the band knife beyond agreed lead times. In addition to the price advantage for large orders you can also benefit from partial invoices as you are only being billed per your release.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Automatic just-in-time delivery of your band knives
  • Short lead times in case of an emergency – no loss of production
  • Price advantage due to quantity discount
  • Invoiced per release
  • Less time needed to keep an eye on delivery date
  • Time saving in your purchasing department
  • Expense reduction due to less capital lockup in your warehouse