MDK-2 (Rounding)


MDK II for the rounding off the edges of smaller foam pieces of 70 -200 mm height

MDK-2 edge rounding machine

By means of a flexible knife guide it is possible to vary cutting heights steplessly from 70 mm (radius 35 mm) to 200 mm (radius 100 mm): By this, the machine is very flexible in use.

  • A motor-driven grinding unit ensures a high-precision grinding of the knife and thus improves the productivity and the cutting result
  • By utilising customised special knife guidings it is possible to cut special profiles.
  • Due to the compact design and the simple control system the machine can be installed and commissioned by oneself
  • A removable driven transport belt after the knife guiding improves the transport of the material to be cut through the knife and ensures a constant cutting quality (Option)


Key Facts


Mattress and furniture industry, technical articlesEdging/rounding


PUR soft foam, leight-weight rebond foam, latex, PE, PP

Cutting Tool

Precision-ground circulating ground knife 24 x 0.2 mm

Technical Data


  • Automatic, finely dosed lubrication of the band knife
  • Driven loading conveyor for an optimal transport of the material to be cut, cutting speed 3-20 m/min
  • Motor-driven grinding unit


  • Attachment table for a better gliding of the material during the rounding process (recommended with profiled and extremely soft material, e. g. latex)
  • Special shapes of knife guides (customer demand) for cutting of smaller heights and radii

Foundation Plan