SF-1 sponge milling machine

While one sponge is being milled, the next one can already be placed onto an attachment unit on the sponge receptions.

  • Changing of sponge contour and shape by different templates and milling devices
  • Capacity of up tp 600 sponges per hour
  • High flexibility with little and medium piece numbers
  • Sponges in lenths of 85 – 200 mm and widths of 85 – 200 mm and a height of 40 – 80 mm are possible


Key Facts


Houshould industry, Sponge milling


PU soft foam

Cutting Tool

Milling head

Technical Data



  • Aluminium milling device with/without distance discs
  • Distance discs for aluminium or steel milling device up to a thickness of 15 mm
  • Extraction unit with a performance of 1 800 m³/h
  • Steel milling device with/without distance discs

Foundation Plan


Steel milling cutters

  • Steel milling cutters with and without distance plates
  • Allow for longer operation lives