Cutting centre consisting of a BSA horizontal splitting machine with integrated de-stacking device and a vertical OFS-VS contour cutting machine for the automatic cutting of blocks into sheet ware and from sheet ware into contours without any manual intervention


BSA and OFS-VS cutting line

By automatically unloading and automatically de-stacking each sheet after they have been cut at the BSA, a stack with hardly any offset is formed which is then transported fast and easily to the OFS-VS machine where it is cut into contours.

  • Simultaneous, parallel and all-automatic processing of the jobs at both foam cutting machines for achieving a very high capacity
  • Utilization of the cutting line for pure cushion and furniture cuts as well as for the cutting of technical parts
  • Interlinkage of both cutting machines through a superior control
  • Splitting of elastic PUR materials as well as of leightweight polyethylene and similar materials thanks to the employment of knife bar and pressure roller
  • Very high production capacity through a high cutting velocitiy of 100 m/min at the BSA and 80 m/min at the OFS-VS machine
  • Flexible adaption of the system to different space conditions – both foam cutting machines can be arranged in a line or as well in parallel alignment with the employment of a shuttle system.
  • Incorporation of shuttle systems for the integration of the cutting line into a complete production process
  • Both machines can also be used for individual operation, even at the same time.
  • The range of applications of both machines is completely retained, i.e. non-woven material or adhesive laminated sheet ware can be cut into contours by the OFS-VS machine, independently of the BSA machine
  • The BSA is equipped with a knife bar for the spltting of a very wide range of different material qualities


Key Facts


Upholstery and furniture industry, automotive industry, packaging industryContour cutting (vertical knife)


PUR foams and PUR rebond foams, PE, EVA, reticulated foams, melamine foams, sponge rubber, cellular rubber, Neoprene® (EPDM)

Cutting Tool

BSA: band knife 60 mm x 0.6 mm- OFS-VS: precision-ground micro-toothed circulating knife 3 x 0.6 mm

Technical Data

Foundation Plan


Loading and unloading conveyors

  • Allow an automatic loading and unloading and thus a continuous production flow
  • To be positioned upstream and downstream of the machine in various lengths
  • Increase in productivity through prevention of machine downtime

POS connection

  • The machines can be incorporated into the POS (Production Order System) superior job management system by means of a corresponding software module and are hence part of a complete machine network.


  • Automatic charging of various lines
  • Allows an automatic onward transport of the cut material to be further processed
  • Individual traverse paths depending on application and space conditions

Superior control superior mode

  • Nesting and the creation of cutting ways is carried out automatically
  • The number of sheets to be cut by the following contour programme is automatically calculated and created and fed to the machine
  • The OFS-VS sequentially processes the cutting jobs in the order of the incoming sheets.