B+ Connect


With the new platform B+ Connect (Bäumer Plus Connect) there is a product line that will raise the digital networking of machinery and operational functions to a new level.

Four modules to support customer processes

With initially four modules Bäumer will be supporting its customers in their direct day-to-day business.

Modul 1: B+ Focus

Not only the production and maintenance staff but also the product manager and management must keep an eye on the machines, plants and production in real time. The preparation of key figures creates a rapid overview of daily business and facilitates control – wherever and whenever necessary, via smartphone, tablet or laptop.
The current condition of the machines can be optimally monitored and visualized. The capacity and efficiency of the machines are shown as well as the complete picture of all machines on an international level in all locations in Germany and abroad.

  • Identification of OEE (overall equipment effectiveness):v OEE is identified and can be viewed by any device at any Location
  • Within a dashboard, each user is able to create his or her own individual collection of data from various machines, providing an overview of the data that is relevant to him or her
  • Log data is recorded and, if required, can be sent automatically when a fault message is issued
  • Technical assembly groups can be monitored. It is possible to draw conclusions about the condition of each machine
  • Collected data can be stored and pulled up either locally or on a secure central server
  • Alarms that trigger escalation measures can be defined

Modul 2: B+ Support

Customers with a problem can now be helped even more quickly now. The machine operator uses B+ Support to send a service message manually or, as an alternative in certain pre-defined cases, the machine triggers an alarm independently. Both reach the Bäumer Service immediately.
The specialists at Bäumer are connected directly with the customer, either to provide a service or to defuse a critical situation. For example, the settings in the machine control can be checked by means of remote maintenance and problems can be remedied online. Customers can also chat with the Bäumer specialists or hold a webcam conference. If the machine operator puts on his head-mounted display, the Bäumer specialist is able to see exactly what the machine operator sees and can look “directly into the machine”. This means that on-the-spot support rules out any misunderstanding when describing the defects orally, faults can be identified and qualified solutions quickly found.

  • Fast reaction time
  • Reduction in number of machine downtimes
  • Time savings at machine start-up
  • Reductions in process costs
  • Immediate transfer of drawings or notices in order to provide faster solutions to Problems
  • Straightforward data Exchange
  • Access to HMI and control system available
  • Full transparency and control over whether and within what time frame a technician is able to connect to the machine
  • Documentation at machine and plant level of all actions performed in B+ Connect
  • Secure, TÜViT-certified Technology

Modul 3: B+ Maintain

Maintaining and servicing machinery is now even easier. All of the maintenance activities required are sent directly to the operator via a role concept (access control) or registered with the central maintenance department. The customer has a constant overview of which activities are due at a certain time or perhaps are already overdue. Each item of maintenance work is documented and can be tracked at all times. Instructions are displayed for certain maintenance jobs so that the operator not only sees what he must do, but also how he must do it – without having to leaf through any documentation.

  • Condition-based, predictable maintenance
  • Improved information on the requirements Situation
  • Plannable maintenance measures
  • Maintenance log can be retrieved for every machine
  • Access to instruction handbook and supplier documentation
  • Detection of when a component is scheduled to be replaced

Modul 4: B+ Shop

Relevant parts can be procured automatically at the touch of a button. The Customer Cockpit easily recognizes wearing parts and spare parts, which can then be ordered directly. The B+ Shop can be used via a role concept at different levels with various rights in the ordering system.

  • Orders can be placed directly at the machine or centrally in the Procurement department.
  • Simplified identification of spare parts minimizes incorrect orders
  • Automated ordering process
  • Photos of spare parts
  • Display of spare parts and tools required for upcoming maintenance

With the B+ Connect as a further milestone in digitalization Bäumer is assuring the future of its customers.