Bäumer Nes


This software runs in the background of WinCAP 3.0. Together with WinCAP 3.0, text files with the order data can be imported. In the background, WinCAP sorts the order parts according to their depth and the type of foam. If the data match, perfect contour nesting is then generated for a given block dimension on the basis of the order data, such as form and number.

The time-saving is significant, which increases the throughput volume. During nesting, this tool takes account of either stacking height or minimum waste.  

If stacking height is taken into account during nesting, the production throughput time is improved enormously.

Your advantages

  • Runs under Windows 10
  • No limitation on amount of pieces like with Nester and no (unlimited) length for the nest area (fiber processing).
  • Bäumer Nest uses 5 different nesting algorithms, which are selectable:
    1. Advanced (Efficiency optimized)
    2. Compromise
    3. Optimized efficiency
    4. Advanced (optimized to height)
    5. optimized to the height
  • The nesting time is mostly shorter compared to Nester. This is up the complexibility of the nest. More available time allows more calculation cycles which might optimize the nesting result.
  • Complete integration within WinCAP3, which means no installation of an external software.
  • Adjustable multi processor support (multi core)
  • Nesting jobs are nested in the order in which they are sent.
  • Only one contact partner, namely Bäumer.