Accolade from Egida LTD

Letter from, General Director, Egida LTD

We hereby thank you, all personnel of company Laader Berg AS for the fruitful cooperation. We are very much glad that the machine is successfully delivered and assembled.


It was a real pleasure to find a real partner, to cooperate with you personally, with specialists of your company. We warmly thank you for your help, for eager and answer a lot of our questions, for sharing knowledge. We very much appreciate your partnership We think that due to the mutual understanding, close work on both sides the machine was produced and assmbleds with success.

We were very much impressed by technical service of the company.

In the name of our company we would like to thank Mr. Per Henrik Solbakk for his work, competence and patience. No doubt it was a real pleasure to work with him. He knows the machine as well as the way how to make foam of good quality. He shared his experience, gave helpful advises concerning maintenance of machine, production foam willingly. We wish him all the best.

We are really glad that we start business with your company and that machine was bought from Laader Berg AS.

We think that we only have started our cooperation and there is much more possibilities to reach fortune business.

Best regards Egida LTD.

General director