High pressure TDI with Liquid lay-down

High pressure TDI and water are optional components which can be added to your Maxfoam™ machine to increase and expand your foam production capabiltities.

Your Maxfoam™ solution can be equipped with high pressure TDI in addition to liquid lay-down.

TDI can be run as both low or high pressure once installed, extending your foam production possibilities to clothing, automotive or greater technical foam definitions.

High pressure TDI in combination with liquid lay-down provides a more fine celled foam with fewer “pinholes” to create a more robust foam for technical, automotive and customized applications.

High pressured TDI enters the mixing head through the injection nozzle. The introduction of high pressured TDI creates a drop in pressure within the multi-trough releasing gas from the chemical mix. This results in additional mixing with less aeration to provide a more finely celled foam.

Maxfoam™ provides the most cost efficient machinery due to its optimal use of chemicals and low operating cost. TDI and the use of high pressure within foam production is an option available to your Maxfoam™ machine and solution that allows you to create a wider variety of foams for a more extensive range of application.