Savings by the Maxfoam™ process.

Maxfoam™ machinery and solutions provide greater savings due to their optimal use of chemicals and low operating cost. All achieved with our multi-purpose Maxfoam™ technology.

Maxfoam™ technology, machines and solutions from Laader Berg® offer greater savings and cost efficiency when compared to other conventional foaming machines.

An overview of the typical savings you can expect with a Maxfoam™ solution include:

  • Approx. 6,5% savings due to the fact that less trimming is necessary to get a flat-topped and rectangular block.
  • Approx. 2,5% savings due to thinner bottom-skin, because the reaction itself heats up the fall-plate.
  • Approx. 1,5% savings due to less absorption into bottom paper. The foam reaction starts in the trough and no chemical liquids are coming onto the bottom-paper.
  • Total expected savings: 10,5%.

The Maxfoam™ Concept of Laader Berg® is the most cost effective foaming system in the world, designed for both low and high pressure flexible polyurethane foam.