Automatic vertical cutting machine for trimming blocks and for cutting sheets and rectangular cuts from Sheets

IS-M vertical cutting machine

  • Very high cutting precision for highest cutting standards
  • Special design with set knife for the cutting of insulating material (e.g. mineral wool, PUR rigid foam or polystyrene (EPS))
  • Second tiltable left side stop for an easy loading of the machine
  • Utilization of the left table half as turntable for precion rectangle cuts
  • Utilization of a frequency-controlled knife drive for the cutting of special foams
  • Air cushion systems for an effortless handling of large blocks
  • Material fixing by an optional holding down system
  • Minimal space requirement due to a stationary table and a movable cutting unit
  • Minimization of cutting times as it it possible to cut in both directions – employment of a knife twisted by 180°
  • Possibility of a customized and custom-designed design due to a number of differently configurable table dimensions of both table halves.


Key Facts


Mattresses, furniture, packaging and automotive industry, consumer goods/household goods industry, special applications such as ceramic filters (reticulated foams), Vertical cutting


Block and sheet ware from PUR soft foam, non-woven material, rubber foam, latex, EPDM foam and Basotect®, rock wool and glass wool as well as PUR rigid foam, EPP

Cutting Tool

Precision-ground circulating ground knife with widths of 6-20 mm, available either as toothed knife or as set knife

Technical Data


  • Motor-driven upper knife protection unit
  • Motor-driven grinding unit
  • Right side stop
  • Working table with anodized aluminium surface
  • Pneumatic knife tensioning support


  • Air cushion system
  • Continuously adjustable knife speed
  • Cooling unit
  • Grinding dust extraction unit
  • Holding down device
  • Increase of side stop from 750 mm to 1000 mm
  • Left side stop
  • Left working table as turntable
  • Optical knife grinding control
  • Version with angle-toothed knife


Version with set knife

  • Special design with set knife for the cutting of insulating material such as EPP and rock wool

Left working table as turntable

  • Easy, efficient and precise cutting of rectangular parts without manual turning of the material
  • For example for the cutting of adhesive laminated goods

Air cushion system

  • Air cushion generated by a fan
  • Left and right working table can be equipped with an air cushion
  • Recommended for multiple turning of the block during trimming
  • Very easy moving of the block on the table

Holding down device

  • Holding down device in connection with turntable
  • Achievement of minimal cutting tolerances

Optical knife grinding control

  • Better control of the knife grinding at both bevels due to a microscope measuring magnifying glass with illumination
  • Optimum cutting results and tolerances.