Block Grippers


  • Gripping device is a block gripper especially developed for the transport of foam blocks
  • Also available in a special design as a fresh block gripper
  • For the transport of 60 m blocks,
    2 block grippers per block are used
  • Each block gripper consists of a welded steel frame in which the gripper arms with toothed racks are driven
  • As fresh block gripper, the lateral carrying rails are equipped with additional perforated plates so that an optimum hold of the blocks with a minimum contact pressure is ensured
  • For the tranverse movement, the block grippers are locked in the upper lifting position
  • When moving in transverse direction, both block grippers are always moved together, however the upward and downward movement can be done separately
  • If required by the application, a separate transverse movement of both block grippers is also possible as an option