Short Block Storage System


With manual short block storage, fork-lift trucks pick up the short blocks to store them. At the moment of manual withdrawal, the block data kept up to this point, such as quality, color, foaming date, block dimensions etc. also leave the system. If the blocks are needed at a later point in time for further processing into sheets or contours, the short block as well as the associated block data also have to be fed in again, manually or by bar code.

Avoiding downtimes

The fully automatic short block storage comes immediately after the long block storage and short block cutting. After the cut-off or block trimming machine, the handling system takes the short block and places it in an appropriate storage location in the short block storage, in accordance with its data or according to defined stacking criteria.

The short block storage is followed by the automatic infeed to the further processing cutting machine. The cutting program is loaded automatically together with the POS software.

Advantages of the short block storage at a glance:

  • Automatic collection, maintenance and forwarding of all block data in the system, from foaming to the finished cut part
  • Preprogrammed storage logic: blocks are stacked automatically on the basis of their dimensions and other properties such as hardness, for example small on large and soft on hard. The maximum stacking height is observed, and the shortest paths possible are selected for optimum efficiency
  • Single blocks as well as block packages with 2 blocks can be processed in one input or output operation
  • Option of output of a complete storage status report, and sorting of the block stock according to search criteria like block type or production date
  • Technical data of the block storage system, such as maximum stacking height, total capacity, gripper width etc. can optionally be adjusted to meet customers’ needs
  • The short block storage / short block gripper is specially intended to minimize downtimes in the processing of short blocks
  • Automated short block storage combines the automated process between long block handling and packaging
  • Short block storage systems in conjunction with POS >> short blocks can be put into storage with an assigned cutting program. Then automatic delivery to the further processing machine, with automatic loading of the cutting program
  • Automatic storage according to stacking criteria
  • Merging of 2 short blocks on one stacking location