Fully automatic pocket spring assembler

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Description of operation

  • Processes up to 12 cycles per minute
  • Highly flexible and fast setup and conversion to different pocket spring dimensions
  • Variable assembly system for „top/bottom“ and/or „center“ gluing
  • Fully automatic production of zoned spring units
  • Assembly types: longitudinal, lateral, parallel, nested and duplex
  • Freely programmable glue saving system with interrupted gluing lines
  • Allows online helpdesk support
  • Easy access to all components of the machine for maintenance and cleaning
  • Integrated output table for spring units


Type of springs Barrel / Cylindrical
Spring dimensions Outer waist diameter Ø (Dta): 40 – 80 mm
Pocket spring unit width: max. 2‘100 mm
Spring height in pocket 70 – 230 mm
Performance up to 12 cycles / minute<br
Air consumption apporx. 15 m³ / hour, 6 bar
Power consumption approx. 10 kVA
Power requirements Operatign Voltage: 3 x 400 V,
Pre-fuse: 63 A,
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Working temperature +10° C bis +40° C
Weight netto ca. 2‘800 kg
FPA-300 – der Film