Frame Bending Machine


The round or flat material is removed from the reel, straightened and then bent according to the dimensions previously stored in the display. A clip automatically presses together both frame ends. The ready-to-use frame is placed on a tray and is ready for further processing.


Technical Data


Round frame material diameter range up to 5 mm. Flat wire on request
Clipping material dimensions 1 mm thick x 30 mm, 1.5 mm thick x 30 mm
Frame material tensile strength range up to 1’800N/mm2
Clip material tensile strength range up to 500N/mm2
Production output up to 1400 frames per 8 hour shift,
depending on frame dimensions
Average combined dimension
frame output per machine
850 – 900 frames per 8 hour shift
Machine voltage to customer specification
Air consumption 20 litres/minute – 6 bar
Nominal power 25 kW
Machine dimensions
L x W x H
approx. 3000 x 2700 x 3200 mm
Swift assembly
L x W x H
approx. 2000 x 1200 x 1800 mm
Warranty 1 year