Pocket spring machine

Description of operation

The FPC-105 produces continuous strings of pocket springs.

The wire from the swift enters the wire section of the machine. It is fed through the heat treatment, where the wire is tempered. This heat treatment relaxes the springs from tense and prepares the wire optimally for coiling. The electronical coiling device forms the spring shape and loads the spring directly into the revolutionary cooling channel. The fabric roll is placed in the ergonomic fabric swift. The setting station moves the spring into the fabric section, where the springs are placed precisely into the folded fabric. The longitudinal and transversal welding stations close the pockets around the springs and assure a high quality product. The conveying station transports the strings of pocket springs outside of the machine for further processing.

The touch screen panel with the userfriendly software allows a product change in a very fast way.



FPC-100/105 – the movie