Automatic horizontal cutting machine with reversing table for the cutting and splitting of sheets of various thicknesses

BST-150 horizontal cutting machine

The especially reinforced design of the cutting unit ensures a very high binding tension of approx. 10 t and thus provides the best way of converting light to heavy densities.

  • Low through-put rates due to a maximum cutting and return motion speed of 80 m/min
  • Effective increase in productivity
  • Creation of ideal cutting angles and cutting of precise sheet thicknesses thanks to the automatic angle adjustment of the cutting unit
  • Permanently high cutting precion throughout the very long knife lifetime thanks to the employment of a band knife of 60 x 0.6 mm.
  • Long knife lifetime and low set-up costs as the knife is relieved of the strain as it does not need to be turned due to the swivelling cutting unit
  • Grinding duration and grinding cycle can be regulated at the grinding unit by the operator
  • Optional equipment of the machine with transport conveyors and holding down device
  • By storing the qualities, the cutting unit is automatically swivelled into the best position to the material when the cutting thickness is changed.


Key Facts


Furniture industry, production of mattresses, automotive industry, packaging industry, technical articlesHorizontal cutting


PUR-ether and PUR-ester foam, PUR rebond foam, reticulated foams, latex, Basotect® as well as similar materials with light up to high densities

Cutting Tool

Endless band knife, 60 mm x 0.6 mm, runs over 4 light alloy wheels inside the cutting unit

Technical Data

  Standard Options
Block Width 2 200 mm 2 500 mm
Block Height 1300 mm 1 500 mm
Cutting Speed 2 200 mm 3 300 mm, 4 400 mm, 5 500 mm, 6 600 mm


  • automatic cutting angle adjustment from 0° to +6°
  • Grinding dust extraction unit
  • Grinding unit
  • B-Con
  • Reversing table


  • Binding holder
  • Cooling unit
  • Loading and unloading conveyors
  • Silicone spraying unit
  • Table equipped with perforated belts

Foundation Plan


Loading and unloading conveyors

  • When being equipped with belts on the table, the machine can optionally be equipped with loading and unloading conveyors
  • Allow an automatic loading and unloading and thus a continuous production flow
  • Positioned upstream and downstream of the machine
  • Reduction of machine down times

Perforated transport conveyors

  • Installation of perforated belts on the working table
  • Allows all-automatic operation cycles
  • Can be integrated into a cutting line either as single machine or together with other machines
  • Then the machine can be equipped with additional loading and unloading conveyors

Spraying unit

  • Wets the knife binding at arbitrary intervals
  • Minimization of frictional forces between the binding and the material to be cut, particularly with materials with high frictional forces
  • Improved stacking performance (only little misalignment)