Horizontal cutting machine with turntable (carousel) for the cutting and splitting of sheets with diverse thicknesses in large quantities

BST-D horizontal cutting machine

Especially re-inforced design of the cutting unit allows the optimal converting of medium and high volumetic weights

  • Long knife lifetime and low set-up costs as the knife is relieved of the strain as it does not need to be turned due to the swivelling cutting unit
  • Optimal fixation of the piece to be cut by means of the standard equipment of the table with vacuum units in the cutting area
  • Permanently high cutting precion throughout the knife lifetime thanks to the employment of a band knife of 60 mm width which is ground by an integrated grinding unit.
  • Optimum cutting angle and cutting of precise sheet thickness thanks to fully automatic angle adjustment of the cutting unit depending on the cutting thicknesses.
  • Optional full automation of the carousel cutting machine with a belt system integrated in the turntable combined with loading and unloading conveyors.
  • Various table diameter selectable for an optimum utilization of the machine


Key Facts


furniture industry, mattress production, automotive industry, packaging industry, technical articlesHorizontal cutting


PUR-ether and PUR-ester foam, PU rebond foam, visco-elastic foams, Basotect®, latex, reticulated foams

Cutting Tool

The machine is equipped with an endless band knife of 60 mm width which runs over 4 wheels inside the cutting unit.

Technical Data


  • Automatic angle adjustment
  • Automatic determination of the gap (cutting without any stop)
  • Foot switch for the loading and unloading
  • Grinding dust extraction unit
  • Grinding unit
  • B-Con
  • Vacuum


  • Air cushion system for loading and unloading
  • Cooling unit
  • Loading and unloading conveyors
  • Loading conveyor incl. roller conveyor section for automatic unloading
  • Silicone spraying unit for improving the cutting performance
  • Turntable with 3 belts for an easy loading and unloading (only with turntable 7 200 mm)

Foundation Plan


Loading and unloading support

  • Loading and unloading support by means of an air cushion system
  • Comfortable and very easy unloading of the BST-D machine, even without conveyor system

Turntable with belts

  • Equipment of the table with three belt systems
  • Loading and unloading of the machine by preceding transport devices which can be adapted to the conditions on site
  • Considerable simplification, especially when unloading the machine without preceding transort devices
  • Employed especially in all-automatic cutting lines

Air cushion system

  • Air cushion system for the creation of an air cushion below the block
  • Easy handling of the block

Silicone spraying unit

  • Wets the knife binding at intervals
  • Minimization of frictional forces between the binding and the material to be cut
  • Enhanced stacking result