Automatic horizontal cutting machine with reversing belt system and stationary cutting unit for the economic cutting and splitting of sheets into various thicknesses and into lengths of 10 m and upwards. and Automatische Horizontalschneidemaschine mit reversierendem Bandsystemund stationärem Aggregat zum wirtschaftlichen Schneiden und Spalten von Platten in verschiedenste Stärken und in Längen ab 10 m

BFS horizontal cutting machine

For the splitting of non-glued long blocks

  • Simple fabrication of foil ware of minimum thicknesses of 5 mm with an optimum utilisation of the material
  • Creation of ideal cutting angles and cutting of accurate sheet thicknesses thanks to the automatic angle adjustment of the cutting unit
  • The splitting machine can be equipped with different cutting units in order to convert materials of different qualities, densities and strain hardnesses
  • Long knife lifetime and low set-up costs as the knife is relieved of the strain as it does not need to be turned due to the swivelling cutting unit
  • For fabricating endless foil ware, the machine can optionally be equipped with a discharging conveyor in order to be able to bond the respective ends of the foils on a special platform.


Key Facts


Automotive industry, mattress and furniture industry, footwear industry, apparel industry, packaging industryHorizontal Cutting


PUR-ether and PUR-ester foam, PUR rebond foam, reticulated foams and similar materials with leight up to high densities

Cutting Tool

Precision-ground circulating ground knife, beginning from 30 x 0.45 mm

Technical Data

  Standard Options
Block Width 2 200 mm 2 500 mm
Block Height 1 300 mm 1 500 mm
Block Length 10 000 mm 20 m, 30 m


  • Grinding dust extraction unit
  • Grinding unit
  • B-Con
  • Vacuum unit
  • Variable cutting angle for optimum cutting thickness accuracy


  • Discharging transport conveyor
  • Extension of transport belts
  • Non-driven transport conveyor
  • Table extension
  • Winding unit
  • Working platform

Foundation Plan


Discharging conveyor

  • Transport conveyor for the separation of the foil ware already cut
  • Allows the production of endless rolls
  • The ends of the foils are manually bonded on a special platform and wound by a winding unit

Working platform

  • The operator can bond the foils on the working platform and feed the material to the winding unit
  • Facilitates the operation of the machine

Lengthening of the conveyor belt

  • The foaming system is designed for a block length of 10 m, and can be extended for block lengths of 20 m/30 m
  • The transport conveyors can be extended by steps of 1m (for block width 2 200 mm)

Winding unit

  • For coiling the cut and glued foils
  • The maximum winding diameter is 1 500 mm