The ES splitting machine is a unit equipped with two pressure rollers which is utilized for the splitting of sheet and roll ware

ES splitting machine

The compact and rugged unit allows both the splitting of leightweight and soft foams as well as the converting of heavy and rigid materials while highest accuracy is maintained

  • Material qualities of up to 65 shore A can be converted
  • The standard version of the machine comes with the latest servo technology and operator panel, automatic knife re-adjustment in case of knife wear as well as infinite adjustment of the pressure rollers and therefore offers a high and user-friendly ease of
  • Knife retainers in the knife bar provide the knife with additional guiding and stability during the cutting process


Key Facts


Packaging industry, fabrication of technical articles, automotive industrySplitting


Polyethylene (PE), EVA, EPDM, foamed and cellular rubber, PUR and PUR rubber rebond, Neoprene

Cutting Tool

Endless band knife with a width of 80 mm and a thickness of 1 mm in a knife bar with exchangeable upper and lower guiding binding

Technical Data


  Standard Options
Block Width 1 200 mm 1 600 mm. 2 200 mm, 2 500 mm


  • Angle-adjustable table at the rear
  • Automatic readjustment of the knife bar, the retainer and the splitting roller
  • Diameter of pressure roller 80 mm, knurled
  • Ginding dust extraction unit
  • Grinding unit
  • B-Con


  • Adjustable knife speed
  • Combined operation profiling/splitting
  • Compression belt
  • Cooling unit
  • Winding and unwinding unit

Foundation Plan


Winding and unwinding unit

  • The downstream winding unit winds up the split material to a max. diameter of 2000 mm with high edge accuracy.
  • An unwinding unit upstream of the splitting machine allows the converting of endless roll ware

Profiling mode

  • The profiling mode allows the machine to be converted for the profiling of sheet and roll ware.