Universal horizontal splitting machine for the splitting of flexible materials and for the manufacturing of foils from bonded blocks or sheet ware from single blocks

BSV-S horizontal cutting machine

The stationary cutting unit allows a fully automatic mode of operation, both in circulating and reversing mode, due to the linking of the belt system with the pressure roller, the infeed and the angle adjustment of the cutting unit

  • Highest cutting quality and tolerance accuracy thanks to a constant knife position due to the automatic knife re-adjustment
  • Highest accuracy due to latest servo and frequency converter technology for infeed and production speed and latest ease of use with swivelling operator panel allow a perfect production process
  • Utilization of deflecion units (towers) when converting open blocks
  • Holding of the knife tip position in relation to the material by activating the automatic angle adjustment of the cutting unit when changing the cutting thickness
  • Optimal dimensioning of the machine with regards to block dimensions and material due to configurable lengths of machine


Key Facts


Automotive industry, packaging industry, fabrication of technical articlesHorizontal cutting


Polyethylene (PE), cellular rubber, EPDM, foamed rubber, Neoprene and similar materials

Cutting Tool

Endless band knife with a width of 80 mm and a thickness of 1 mm in a knife bar with exchangeable upper and lower guiding binding

Technical Data

  Standard Options
Block Width 1 200 mm 1 600 mm
Block Height 150 mm  
Block Length 14 m 17 – 19 m, 20 – 25 m


  • Automatic retainer adjustment of the knife
  • Grinding dust extraction unit
  • Grinding unit
  • Manual cutting angle adjustment
  • B-Con
  • Non-driven pressure roller
  • Manual pressure roller adjustment
  • Standard winding unit


  • Circular knife cross cutter
  • Cooling unit
  • Driven pressure roller
  • Motor-driven cutting angle adjustment
  • Pressure roller adjustable by motor
  • Special lengths on demand
  • Vacuum unit
  • Winding unit (weight-loaded)
  • Reinforced knife drive
  • Frequency-controlled knife drive
  • Reinforced dust extraction unit
  • Width adjustable vacuum unit
  • Frequency-controlled vacuum unit
  • Reinforced pressure roller
  • Working platform
  • Reversing stations
  • Angle adjustable grinding wheels
  • Fast exchange system for grinding wheels
  • Ionization unit
  • Antistatic brush
  • Reverse mode

Foundation Plan


Frequency-controlled vacuum

  • Equipment of the machine with the option frequency-controlled vacuum
  • To avoid deformations
  • Even very soft materials can be cut

Circular knife cross cutter

  • The circular knife cross cutter allows the foil to be cut-off at the end of the winding process
  • Can be used for cutting thicknesses of up to 35 mm

Reinforced pressure roller and knife drive

  • By equipping the machine with the options reinforced pressure roller and knife drive, even extremely hard materials of up to 70 shore A can be split
  • For absorping increased pressure, e.g. when splitting extreme shore hardnesses – useful for hardnesses of 40 shore and up
  • The absorption of the pressure is realised by an additional cross beam installed above the pressure roller