OFS-Queensize (horizontal knife)


The fastest and most efficient solution for horizontal contour cutting machines for a 3400 mm block width for a 100% increase in efficiency


OFS-Queensize horizontal contour cutting machine

Increasing the working width significantly improves machine efficiency. For example, it is possible to process mattresses with a width of 800 mm in 4 blocks, or mattresses with a width of 1,600 mm in 2 blocks at the same time. A machine of this dimension is especially suited for companies that produce large quantities of the same mattress types or for mattress cutters who offer the entire range of mattress widths. It is also very interesting for all foam processing industries that cut large quantities of the same products.

  • Improvement in productivity: at least 50% with mattress widths of 900 + 1000mm, and 100% with mattress widths of 1200, 1400 and 1600 mm. High productivity and quality when cutting simple to complex mattresses made of e. g. PU flexible foam, PU cold foam or visco
  • Automation capability: integration of the machine in new automated cutting lines possible.
  • Separator possible: on request
  • Block area programming: optional
  • Competitive advantage: the world’s only horizontal contour cutting machine on which, at the same time, two 1600 mm wide mattresses or two queen-size mattresses or three meter-wide mattresses can be cut. This opens up new international market
  • High cutting speed and accuracy: the use of a second central holder allows higher cutting speed, resulting in higher output. High level of precision when cutting parts for the automotive industry, such as backrests, seats, gaskets, cable insulation or sound insulation components, even with high volume weights or with Basotect®
  • Fully automatic execution: with automatic turntable and transport conveyors for loading and unloading, as well as integration in automatic cutting lines
  • Improved cutting tool: no regrinding necessary thanks to micro-toothed knife (ready to cut) and thus constant, very good cutting results
  • Improved contour: optimum fixation of the blocks using holding-down device that can be automatically positioned
  • Improved startup speed: extremely high acceleration and deceleration, since the table and the cutting unit move separately
  • Faster passage: optimized cutting times by setting the turning back points on the contou


Key Facts


Upholstery and furniture industry, mattresses, automotive industryContour cutting (horizontal knife)


PUR soft foam, PUR HR foam, visco-elastic foam, latex, leightweight rebond foams, Basotect®

Cutting Tool

Precision-ground micro-toothed circulating knife 3 x 0.6 mm

Technical Data


  Standard Options
Block Width 3 400 mm 2 600 mm
Block Height 1 300 mm 1 500 mm
Block Length 3 400 mm 3 400 mm


  • All-automatic sheet holding down device
  • Centre support movable by motor
  • Cooling unit
  • Manual turntable 3 400 x 3 400 mm
  • B-Con
  • Reinforced knife drive
  • Charging automatic


  • Automatic turntable 3 400 mm x 3 400 mm
  • Automatically movable centre support
  • Loading conveyor as separator on request
  • Unloading conveyor as palletizer on request
  • WinCAP
  • Grinding unit
  • POS connection
  • Reversing table with belt
  • Nesting software: Mattress Nest and Bäumer Nest

Foundation Plan


Loading and unloading conveyors

  • Enables an automatic loading and unloading and thus a continuous production flow
  • To be positioned upstream and downstream of the machine in various lengths
  • Recommended for the incorporation of the machine into an automatic cutting line
  • Prevention of idle times of the machine


  • Equipment of the machine with an automatic turntable with continuous belt for an automatic loading and unloading
  • Fully automatic sequence, processing of the blocks in the second axial direction without having to move the blocks themselves
  • The minimiation of manual interference guarantees a constant and high quality of the finished product

Centre support

  • Equipment of the machine with a movable centre support, either as automatic version or driven by Motor
  • The central holder guarantees a high cutting speed and close tolerances
  • Optional: second central holder


  • For higher accuracies of the cutting result: the seperator creates a gap between two blocks which is then used by the automatic centre support of the OFS-Queensize as an additional support of the knife
  • For a lateral alignment and for seperationg two blocks upstream of the OFS-Queensize

Holding down device

  • The foam cutting machine can be fitted with a sheet holding-down system that can be positioned automatically
  • Sheet holding down device for a constant fixing of the block
  • Consisting of 5 sheet segments
  • Moves synchronously to the axis
  • There are 5 positions of the sheet holding down device which can be automatically approached by the holding down device