OFS-Twincut (horizontal knife)


Versatile use in the contour cutting techniques due to the alternate use of a circulating or an oscillating knife in a single cutting unit


OFS-Twincut horizontal contour cutting machine

Double functionality of the OFS-Twincut: allows very fast cutting of cushion parts and mattresses by means of the circulating knife (40 m/min max.), guarantees high precise cutting of technical parts by means of the oscillating knife (10 m/min max.)

  • Dust-free cuts of any three-dimensional contours with both cutting technologies
  • Excellent cutting precision combined with highest cutting speed
  • 3 axis machine with CNC control and windows operation system
  • The exchanging between a ciculating and an oscillating knife can be done within no time
  • Saving of time and money due to an all-automatic cycle with turntable and loading and unloading conveyors.
  • WinCAP software for the external generation of material-saving cutting programmes
  • Integration in cutting lines
  • Possible inclusion of a motor-driven grinder


Key Facts


Upholstery, mattress, furniture, packaging and automotive industry, technical articlesContour cutting (horizontal knife)


PUR soft foam PUR HR foam, visco foam, latex, rebond foam, Basotect®

Cutting Tool

Depending on the material, precision-ground micro-toothed or ground knife, either circulating or oscillating

Technical Data


  Standard Options
Block Width 2 300 mm 2 600 mm
Block Height 1 300 mm 1 500 mm
Block Length 2 300 mm 2 600 mm, 2 700 mm, 3 200 mm


  • All-automatic sheet holding down device
  • Cooling unit
  • Manual turntable
  • B-Con
  • Semi-automatic centre Support
  • Reinforced knife drive
  • Adjustable knife speed


  • All-automatic centre support
  • Automatic turntable with continuous belt
  • Grinding unit with grinding dust extraction unit
  • Loading and unloading conveyor
  • WinCAP
  • Working table with belt for loading and unloading
  • Separator


Loading and unloading conveyors

  • Allow an automatic loading and unloading and thus a continuous production flow
  • Positioning upstream or downstream of the machine
  • Prevention of idle times of the machine


  • The automatic turntable can be turned by 90° upstream or downstream of the cutting unit
  • Allows the cutting of three-dimensional contours

Centre support

  • Optional equipment with a movable centre support either as all-automatic version or driven by motor
  • Shortens the free knife length and absorbs the cutting pressure
  • Equipped with a knife guide
  • Better cutting quality combined with higher cutting velocities
  • Can be moved across the centre of the table by motor
  • Highly recommended for the cutting of several blocks at the same time, such as mattresses or pyramids

Sheet holding down device

  • Sheet holding down device for the constant fixing of the block
  • Moves synchronously to the axis
  • Consisting of 5 sheet segments
  • There are 5 positions of the sheet holding down device which can be automatically approached by the holding down device.
  • Also allows small cuts in connection with the turntable as it rests upon the material over a large area

POS connection

  • The machines can be incorporated into the POS (Production Order System) superior job management system by means of a corresponding software module and are hence part of a complete machine network.