OFS-VS (vertical knife)


All-purpose vertical contour cutting machine for the converting of sheets and block ware with utmost accuracy and performance


OFS-VS vertical contour cutting machine

The machine consists of a stationary cutting unit with an integrated knife guiding and a belt system coupled by a PLC control.

  • A cutting speed of 80 m/min allows a very high productivity
  • Pre-programmable speed for different cutting materials
  • Accurate contours and narrow tolerances due to a knife turning angle of +/- 270° respectively +/- 360° and a very thin knife – perfect cutting of even cute angles, sharp edges and small radii
  • Hold-down system secures material with low self-adhesion or high stacking heights, in particular with fleece materials
  • Due to the innovative design with two separated cutting units only litte space is needed.
  • Utilisation of a micro-toothed knife is possible and spares the regrinding of the knife and ensures a constant cutting quality
  • Optional inclusion of on-board lateral brackets for optimum fixation of sheet stacks consisting of materials with a smooth surface, PE sheets, laminated materials
  • The OFS-VS is eminently suited for being integrated into a cutting line, e. g. in connection with a horizontal splitting machine and a stacking machine or with a horizontal contour cutting machine


Key Facts


Upholstery, furniture, packaging and automotive industry as well as fabricators of technical articlesContour cutting (vertical knife)


PUR soft foam and rebond foams, PE, polyester und non-woven fabric, reticulated foams, melamine foams, laminated materials

Cutting Tool

Circulating, precision-ground knife 3 x 0.6 mm, micro-toothed or ground

Technical Data


  Standard Options
Block Width 1 550 mm 2 200 mm
Block Height 700 mm 1 300 mm
Block Length 2 400 mm 3 050 mm, 4 000 mm, 5 000 mm


  • Block edge determination
  • Cooling unit
  • B-Con
  • Table with continuous belt
  • Adjustable knife speed 3-14 m/s


  • Fleece fibre extraction unit
  • Motor-driven grinding unit with extraction device
  • WinCAP
  • Roller holding down device, only in conjunction with motor-driven upper knife guide
  • Stripping device
  • Upper knife guide, adjustable by motor

Foundation Plan


Loading and unloading conveyor

  • Allow an automatic loading and unloading and thus a continuous production flow
  • Positioning upstream and downstream of the machine, respectively in various lengths
  • Recommended for the integration of the machine into an automatic cutting line
  • Prevention of machine down times

NC axis

  • Additional transport belts as NC axis upstream and downstream of the machine
  • Lengthening of the cutting length by up to 12 m
  • Continuous cutting of longer blocs/sheet stacks, e. g. polyester, Fleece or foam

Upper knife guide

  • The height-adjustable upper knife guide moves automatically to a height of about 50 mm above the material
  • Reduces the unused knife length for a better fixation of the knife
  • For increasing the cutting accuracy and speed

Roller holding down device

  • Roller holding down device for the fixation of the material to be cut
  • Lowerable to a height of 50 mm above the table
  • The rollers are driven synchronoulsy to the table speed.

Grinding unit

  • Optional equipment of the machine with a grinding unit
  • Precise grinding due to a feed motion of 1/100 mm realised by motor
  • Necessary with the utilisation of ground knives
  • We recommend the utilisation of ground knives when converting materials such as non-woven material and latex