OFS-VW (vertical wire)


Vertical contour cutting machine with circulating wire for the cutting of any geometrical two-dimensional contour


OFS-VW vertical contour cutting machine

Minimum loss of material during the cutting process thanks to the special wire with little cross cut

  • Cutting of any contour cuts and production of sharp-edged corners by the all-over cutting effect of the cutting wire
  • OFS-VW cutting speed can be infinitely preset depending on the characteristics of the material (max. 40 m/min)
  • Infinitely variable wire speed also for cutting extremely hard material qualities
  • Employment of an endless special wire, produced by Bäumer according to a patented procedure
  • Windows-based CNC control. Offers possibility to easily program directly at the machine or also in conjunction with WinCAP


Key Facts


Construction industry, insulation technology, automotive and packaging industry


PU rigid foam, PVC and PET rigid foam, EPS and XPS, glass and mineral wool, laminated materials, rebond foam, phenolic foam

Cutting Tool

Patent endless high speed cutting wire with various cross cuts

Technical Data


  Standard Options
Block Width 2 200 mm 1 300 mm
Block Height 950 mm 1 300 mm
Block Length 2 400 mm 2 200 mm (only for block length 2 200 mm), 3 050 mm, 3 300 mm, 4 200 mm


  • Cooling unit
  • Device for a connection to an external extraction unit
  • B-Con
  • Transport conveyor System
  • Infinitely variable wire speed


  • Cutting dust extraction unit
  • Loading and unloading conveyors
  • NC controlled conveyors upstream and downstream of the machine
  • Unloading conveyor designed as palletizer
  • WinCAP

Foundation Plan


Extraction unit

  • Equipment with a connecting piece for the extraction of the developing cutting dust

Loading and unloading conveyors

  • Automatic charging of the block from the loading conveyor onto the machine by means of the charging automatic
  • Allow an automatic loading and unloading and thus a continuous production flow
  • To be positioned upstream and downstream of the machine
  • The velocity of the charging belt is synchronized with the one of the machine (Y axis)
  • Prevention of idle times of the machine

NC controlled belts

  • Can be used for the cutting process as the NC axes run synchronously with the table belts of the machine
  • Can also be used as loading and unloading conveyor
  • NC controlled belts upstream and downstream of the machine
  • Highly recommended with long block and sheet lengths (e.g. non-woven material wound up on tube)