Optional Maxfoam Euipment

Optional equipment to expand your Maxfoam™ Machine

Optional equipment allows you to expand your Maxfoam™ solution to provide greater foam production possibilities for your customers and market.

Laader Berg® offer a wide range of optional equipment that enhance your Maxfoam™, Multimax™ and Cutmax™ Machines to enable you to provide wider and more diverse foam production possibilities to the same World Class Standard that you have come to expect from the world’s most used and preferred foaming system.

In order to provide the optimal Maxfoam™ solution, our Delivery Program is designed towards each of our individual customers own unique needs.

With the ability to expand your Maxfoam™ solution to include a variety of optional equipment. Please browse below to discover the benefits, features and functions of options available to you and your Maxfoam™ Machine.

Optional equipment from Laader Berg® is available for:

  • Maxfoam™ 5010 Slabstock foaming machines.
  • Maxfoam™ 5020 Slabstock foaming machines.
  • Maxfoam™ 5030 Slabstock foaming machines.
  • Multimax ™ low and high pressure combination machine with Maxfoam™ Liquid lay-down.

The flexibility of every Maxfoam™, Multimax™ Machine from Laader Berg, allows you consider the use of optional equipment at any stage. Whether during the initial planning and installation phases, or later during production as your own needs expand and adjust inline with your customer’s requirements. Laader Berg® always provides you with the expertise and options necessary to create your optimal solution.


Tank Farms

• Storage of main chemicals.
• Production tanks.
• Filling pumps, filters, valves and pipes.
• Provide warnings and alarms.
• Designed according to machine specifications.
• Interface with the Maxfoam Computer System.
• Smooth handling and raw material.
• Improved foam quality.















Maxfoam™ Computer System

• Sets the parameters according to formulations.
• Controls and monitors the foam production process.
• Formulation storage.
• Production sequence data control.
• Provides warnings and alarms.
• Accurate reuse of previous formulations.
• Easy and dynamic formulation change as required.
• Historic files for analysis and reuse.
• Provides information about consumption.














Conveyor sidewalls

• Support the side paper or film in the tunnel.
• Synchronized with main conveyor.
• Smoother sides of foam block.
• Smoother running of side paper.
• Easier to run high-density and hard foams.
• Safer foam production with no paper tear.
• Less chemical absorption in side-paper.


Squaremax™ RS film pulling unit

• Feeds film into both sides of the block.
• Lifts the film during expansion of foam.
• Synchronized with conveyor speed.
• Fully electrical positioning system.
• Reduces the round shoulder of the foam block.
• Lifts the sides of the foam block to achieve a square foam block.
• Reduces waste.
• Increases yields.



• Lays the PE film on to the top of the foam at full rise position.
• Full electric positioning system.Benefits
• Flat-topped square block.
• Minimum top skin.
• Improved hardness distribution.
• Visible foam expansion area.
• TDI consumption reduced by up to 3 %.
– Optimally combined together with Squaremax™ RS film pulling unit.



• Lays the top-paper and/ or PE film onto the expanding foam at the tunnel inlet.
• Keeps the film on the block during curing.
• Flat-topped square block.
• Minimum top skin.
• Improved hardness distribution.
• Keeps the TDI gas within the block and restricts humidity until fully utilized.
– TDI consumption reduced by up to 4 %.


Liquid lay-down

• Lays the mixed chemical directly onto the Fall-plate.
• Six section Fall-plate and Pour-plate.
• Traverses across the foaming tunnel inlet.
• Minimal “pinholes” for special foam applications.
• Requires more skilled operators.
• Optimized Pintomax block height is required.



High pressure for Liquid lay-down

• High pressure for TDI and water.
• High pressure nozzles at mixing head.
• Additional mixing effect by pressure drop.
• Increased foam cells regularity.
• Finer foam cells.
• Requires more skilled operators.
• Increases overall machine maintenance.


Cutmax™ BC-250A Block Cutter

• Cuts produced Slabstock into desired lengths.
• Cuts synchronized with conveyor speed.
• Self tension knife.
• Industry standard cutting knife.
• Straight cuts.
• Less sawdust.
• Smoothly cut surface.
• Reduced waste.


Acceleration conveyor

• Moves the foam block at high-speed after block cut off.
• Separate blocks for cutting sequence.


Exit Roller-way / Conveyor

• Transport of blocks.
• Smooth handling of fresh block.
• Labour saving block handling.