Sturdy Design

Solid and robust design

Through the highest quality components, design and assembly, Maxfoam™ Machines are designed for stabile and accurate production every day.

Every Maxfoam™ Machine is designed and assembled to the highest production qualities to provide additional benefit through:

  • Solid, robust and reliable construction.
  • Long and cost efficient machine lifetime.
  • Production stability.
  • The use of standard high-quality components.
  • Provisioning a reliable and accurate foam production platform.
  • Low maintenance frequency.
  • The ability to obtain spare components locally.
  • Ease of use and operation.
  • Achieving and maintaining repetitive high-quality foam production.
  • Module based design for easy integration of optional equipment.
  • Easy interface to external equipment.

The unique combination of knowledge, expertise and assembly excellence allows Laader Berg® to design and produce Maxfoam™ Machines that maintain their position as the most preferred and cost efficient foaming system worldwide. Through the use of solid, robust and resilient components, every Maxfoam™ Machine combines stabile and high-quality foam production with the benefit of low maintenance for optimal foam production and cost efficiency.