Easy to operate

Through the choice of classic control panel or enhanced computer system, every Laader Berg® Maxfoam™ Machine is designed to be intuitive and easy to operate.

Maxfoam™ Machines provide benefits and improved efficiency through.

  • Intutive and easy to use control panel for both conventional and enhanced computer operated machines.
  • Spacious working platform and walkways designed for easy access to the machine.
  • Reliable metering units for accurate productions and maintaining high production qualities.
  • Easy to change feed and rewind paper.
  • Automatic self-adjusting mixer recirculation valves designed to avoid build up of chemical residue.
  • PE film covered Multi-trough removes residues and need for cleaning.
  • Easy and efficient flushing of manifold and mixer.

Maxfoam™ Machine and Maxfoam™ Machine technology is designed to be efficient, intuitive and easy to use in operation, maintainance and preparation for production.