High Tech World Class

The World Class Standard

Maxfoam™ is the most used foaming system worldwide, and with over 50 years of collaboration with our customers and chemical suppliers, Maxfoam™ Machine technology continues to evolve and advance to ensure that Maxfoam™ provides you with the World Class Standard in foam production.

Maxfoam™ Machines by Laader Berg® provide you with the World Class Standard in foam production through:

  • Metering units designed to monitor every chemical used in your production.
  • The Mixer which is designed to meet your various output and production formulations.
  • The Multi-trough which is designed for all foam production outputs and widths.
  • The adjustable Telescopic Fall-plate which is designed to meet your foam production output, widths and formulations .
  • The Maxfoam™ Computer System, designed for safe and efficient operation.

Optional equipment that expands the functionality and benefits of your Laader Berg® Maxfoam™ Machine include:

  • Squaremax™ RS film pulling unit.
  • Flatmax™ flat-top film system.
  • Pintomax flat-top paper/ film system.
  • Laader Berg CO2 foaming process
  • High pressure TDI.
  • Conveyor sidewalls.
  • Varimax adjustable foaming width.
  • Cutmax™ BC-250A block cutting machine.

At Laader Berg, our knowledge, expertise and excellence in development, production and assembly allows us to create Maxfoam Machine and Maxfoam Machine technology. Technology, that not only provides you with the ability to create and process all common foam types to the World Class Standard. But makes Maxfoam the most preferred and cost efficient foaming system worldwide.