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Chemical name:



polyurethanespolyether polyols

Markets and applications:

adhesivesbuilding & constructionOCF (One component foam)CASEadhesivescoatingselastomerssealantsfood industryadditives for food packagingprinting ink


CASEadhesivescoatingselastomerssealantsrigid foamsOCF (One component foams)semi-rigid foams


alkoxylated alcoholspolyether polyolsdiols


PCC Rokita SA Polyols Business Unit

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Rokopol® D2002 is a diol, propoxylated with a general use glycol propylene glycol, used for production of adhesives and other polyurethane materials in reaction with isocyanate. The product has a form of homogenous, clear liquid containing BHT free antioxidants. It maintains low viscosity of ca. 320 mPas w 25°C with high functionality of f~2 and hydroxyl value of 53 – 59mgKOH/g.

Rokopol® D2002 is a product marked by low content of sodium potassium and water, which has a positive impact on the stability of pre-polymers generated by means of them. The product is not acidified which broadens its application range. High molecular weight value, from 450g/mol to 2000g/mol, provides high freedom in designing solid polyurethane systems of diverse hardness, from flexible (Shora A) to rigid ( Shora D) materials.


Main application advantages of Rokopol® D2002 :

  • Wide application range possibility;
  • Limited content of sodium and potassium ions and water;
  • High stability of pre-polymers produced by means of Rokopol® D2002;
  • Possibility of using the polyol as an additive reducing viscosity;
  • This polyol ensures good flowability of elastomer and rigid foam systems;

Most frequent applications of Rokopol® D2002:

  • Product used as pre-polymers for adhesives and modified MDI;
  • 2K elastomers and sealants with diverse hardness and high hydrolytic resistance;
  • PUR rigid foams
  • OCF foams

Products made based on Rokopol® D2002 are of excellent quality. Based on the optimally developed manufacturing process this polyol is distinguished by very good parameters, not only in PUR systems.


Properties and applications:

  • Used for production of adhesives, elastomers and modified MDI;
  • Very high quality of the finished product based on the physicochemical properties of the polyol;
  • Limited content of sodium and potassium ions, and water;
  • Used in PUR systems and for production of OCF foams;
  • May be used polyol as an additive reducing viscosity;
  • Ensures good flowability of elastomer and rigid foam systems;
  • Marked by very god mechanical parameters;

Alternative names:

poly(propylene oxide); diol; polypropylene glycol; PPG;