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Chemical name:

Polypropylene glycol


polyurethanespolyether polyols

Markets and applications:

building & constructionconstruction adhesivesOCF (One component foam)CASEfood industryadditives for food packagingprinting ink


CASErigid foamsOCF (One component foams)


polyether polyolsdiols


PCC Rokita SA Polyols Business Unit

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Rokopol LDB2000D is a diol, propoxylated propylene glycol of general use. It is used for the production of 1K and 2K adhesives and other polyurethane materials in reaction with isocyanate.The product is in the form of a homogeneous clear liquid containing antioxidants (excluding BHT). It retains viscosity around 280-400 mPas at 25°C with a functionality of f~2 and a high hydroxyl value of 53-59 mgKOH / g.

Rokopol LDB2000D is a product characterized by low degree of unsaturation and low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Due to its structure and properties, the product can be used for the production of silicone polyetherols used in adhesives, sealants, specialist single-component foams (OCF), prepolymers and elastomers.

The main application advantages of Rokopol LDB2000D:

  • lack of acidification allows for use of product in a wide range of applications,
  • low degree of unsaturation and low content of sodium, potassium and water ions,
  • excellent adhesion to the substrate, flexibility and chemical resistance,
  • A wide range of molecular weights from 450g/mol to 2000g/mol provides great freedom in designing solid polyurethane systems with different hardness, from elastic materials (Shore A) to hard materials (Shore D).

The most common applications of Rokopol LDB2000D:


  • adhesives and polyurethane sealants,
  • prepolymers, elastomers and two-component sealants with different hardness and high hydrolytic resistance,
  • production of specialized single-component foams (OCF) and rigid PUR foams.

Products made on the basis of Rokopol LDB2000D are of the highest quality. Thanks to the refined production process, this polyol has excellent parameters in each application.


Properties and applications:



  •  used for the production of adhesives, elastomers and specialized OCF and PUR foams
  • very high quality of the final product due to the physicochemical properties of the polyol
  • low water content as well as sodium and potassium ions content
  • used for the production of printing inks


Alternative names:

Polyether polyol; Polyoxypropylenediol