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Chemical name:

Polyether polyol based on glycerol and sucrose


polyurethanespolyether polyols

Markets and applications:

building & constructionpipe coverspipe-in-pipe insulationsandwich panelsthermal & acoustic spray systemswire & cable insulationrefrigeration industry and household appliancesboilersindustrial coolersrefrigerators


rigid foamsblock foamscasting foamsspray foams


polyether polyolssucrose polyols


PCC Rokita SA Polyols Business Unit


Rokopol GS484 is a polyether sucrose polyol used for the production of rigid and semi-rigid polyurethane (PUR) foam in reaction with isocyanate. The product is in the form of a homogeneous, clear liquid and contains antioxidants (excluding BHT). It maintains a medium viscosity of about 6,000 – 10,000 mPas with relatively high functionality f = 4,5.

Rokopol GS484 is a product designed for the production of PUR polyurethane systems with moderately low viscosity and increased flame retardant content. Relatively high functionality allows the use of an increased water content in the designed PUR systems, and also ensures good flow during the foam foaming process. Rokopol GS484 provides improved mechanical properties compared to conventional sorbitol polyetherols.

The product provides a long gel time for PUR foam systems, thanks to which it can be used in PUR rigid foam block systems. Rokopol GS484 is used in combination with other polyols and additives to modify the properties of the PUR system, in particular viscosity, reactivity, gelation and degree of cross-linking. The product also affects the properties of the final rigid foam, such as adhesion to various surfaces, flame retardancy, hardness, abrasiveness, closed cell contents (insulating power), etc.

The main application advantages of Rokopol GS484:

  • ensures appropriate flow during the foaming process of rigid foam,
  • thanks to the physicochemical properties of the polyol, the foam is characterized by increased mechanical properties,
  • allows modification of the PUR system properties thanks to compatibility with other polyols and additives,
  • the product provides long gel time of polyurethane foam.

The most common applications of Rokopol GS484:

  • closed-cell foams used for thermal insulation in refrigeration (in particular refrigerators, freezers),
  • closed-cell foams used for thermal insulation for higher temperatures (boilers, flood systems, pre-insulated pipes),
  • PUR sandwich panels,
  • 2K spray foam systems,
  • insulation of wires, cables and pipelines,
  • specialized small-scale applications, including rigid moulded foam (e.g. imitation wood, fishing lures – wobblers).

Products made on the basis of Rokopol GS484 are of exceptional quality. Thanks to the refined production process, this polyol has excellent parameters, not only in PUR systems.


Properties and applications:


  • product intended for the production of PUR systems;
  • the possibility to modify the properties of the PUR system thanks to the use of the product together with other polyols;
  • very high quality of the final product due to the physicochemical properties of the polyol;
  • used in closed-cell foams for insulation in refrigeration systems and for higher temperatures;
  • used in 2K foam spray systems;
  • the product has excellent mechanical parameters;


Alternative names:

Glycerine based polyoxyalkylene triol; Propoxylated glycerol; glycerine; glycerin; propanotriol; propano-1,2,3-triol; sucrose based; saccharose based; sugar based;