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Chemical name:

Propoxylated Mannich base


polyurethanespolyether polyols

Markets and applications:

building & constructioninsulation boardpipe coverspipe-in-pipe insulationsandwich panelsthermal & acoustic spray systemswire & cable insulation


rigid foamscasting foamsspray foams


alkoxylated alcoholspolyether polyolsamine polyolsaromatic polyols


PCC Rokita SA Polyols Business Unit


Rokopol® RF151V is a propoxylated Mannich base, reactive multifunctional polyether aromatic polyol for polyurethane (PUR) rigid and semi-rigid foam production in reaction with isocyanate. The product has a form of antioxidant free liquid in orange to brown colour. It retains high viscosity of ca. 7 000 mPas mPas at 25°C with high functionality of  f~4.5, and high hydroxyl value of ~430mgKOH/g.

Rokopol® RF151V is a product dedicated for manufacturing polyurethane (PUR) products of medium and low viscosity, high flame-retardant contents, and very good mechanical properties of rigid foam. The product is in particular recommended as polyether additive for slabstock production of PUR sandwich panels. Mannich polyols are very well miscible with typical polyols for rigid foam application, i.e. sorbitol and sugar based polyols, and most of polyester polyols. It ensures comfortable easiness w in developing new rigid foam polyester systems. The product has a wide application range, in particular in the construction industry

Main application advantages of Rokopol® RF152V:

  • Possibility of catalysis reduction, which is of particular importance while using new physical foaming agents that have detrimental effect on catalytic systems;
  • Improved mechanical parameters of the rigid foam core;
  • Aromatic chemical composition ensuring improved flammability properties of rigid foam;
  • Homogenous and fine cell structure of rigid PUR foam;
  • Very well miscible with hydrophobic n-pentane despite its unique hydrophilic nature;

Most frequent applications of PUR Rokopol® RF151V:

  • Insulation of wires, cables and pipelines;
  • Thermal and acoustic spray insulation systems;
  • Sandwich panels and insulation boards;
  • Casting foams and spray foams;
  • Slabstock sandwich panel production systems;
  • Spray foam production systems (SPF)

Products made based on Rokopol® RF152V are of excellent quality. Based on the optimally developed manufacturing process this polyol is distinguished by very good parameters, not only in PUR systems.


Properties and applications:

  • Product dedicated for manufacturing of PUR systems;
  • Very high quality of the end product thanks to the physicochemical properties of the polyol;
  • Used in closed-cell foams designed for insulation;
  • Used in SPF spray foam systems, casting foams and rigid foams;
  • Recommended as a component for production of sandwich panels and insulation boards;
  • With very good mechanical parameters;
  • Improved flammability properties thanks to the aromatic chemical composition;
  • Homogenous and fine cell structure of rigid PUR foam

Alternative names:

Mannich; Mannich base; propoxylated mannich; alkoxylated mannich; amine polyol; aromatic amine polyol;